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I have been schooled in the different philosophies of life, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Advaita, Shamanism for the last 30 years as well as being a trained musician. I gravitate the most toward Advaita and the teachings of Ramana as well as Neville Goddard and his method for manifestation (althought they may seem to be contrasting philosphies). Getting yourself out of the way so you can experience your life from a state of bliss or happiness is what I strive for. I am by no means perfect. Sometimes in order to get out of the way, you need a vibratory shift. Music can do that. Music can reach the unconscious mind and help it reach a pathway out of the chaos. Because instrumental music does not involve words, it can help move us away from the mind and it’s unproductive thoughts.

Sharing my experiences and ways of working is what Light into Form is all about.


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