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Yes is Yes, No is No

One of the most powerful things that you can do is to respect yourself and your word is to follow through on what you say. Is it time to make a change in your life? Commit yourself to this mantra...yes is yes, no is no. Did you say something to someone and now you want to recant it? Don't do it...stick to your words, move on. Did you say you were going to diet today? don't say it unless you are going to really do it. If you want to get over bad habits, or change something in your life, start with this simple exercise. Don't say something unless you mean it, and once you've said it, stick to what you've said and you will soon be better at resisting temptation, and controlling negative aspects in your life. Even if you start with the smallest thing, stick to what you've said and watch how your life improves
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