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Light into Form

Have you ever noticed that you spend more time and energy thinking about something really negative, for instance how angry you are at someone or how you wished you wouldnt have said something to someone. I have noticed that I can get totally absorbed in an emotion and get carried away into just fixating on something that makes me really unhappy.

What am I maifesting at this point? what is going to come out of all this negativity? Am I going to solve the problem? no. Am I going to raise my blood pressure? If I have blood pressure issues, yes.

What it will be sure to do is manifest another situation that involves these same emotions. in other words, the more frustrated and angry I feel the more sure I am to set up another situation in my life that is goingt o result in these same emotions. So as soon as you can, try to stop what you are obsessing about and just move to another thought.

What you focus on you become. The more anger and frustration you focus on, with more emotional energy, the more you will manifest another situation that makes you experience these same emotions.

Is this really true?

According to the teachings of Neville Goddard, the way to manifest things like abundance,or that job you have been wanting or that perfect house is to use techniques that involve feeling the feelings you desire to feel before the event happens. try to experience every aspect of what you desire as if it is a reality, and if you keep doing this it will become a reality.

However, when we are focusing on anger and frustrationg, we are actally using Neville Goddard's techniques to create unpleasant situations for ourselves.

The unconscious mind is like a mother, it will take whatever you put in and give birth t

It may be hard to hear this, but we are responsible for everything that is happening in our lives. You have no one to blame but yourself for your life. If you want to change your life, start by taking responsibility for it. Then start by being very careful about what you are sending out, what situations you are drawing to yourself.

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